Meet The Team

RAPTECH is dynamically working to expand and diversify it's market trends, to achive this all we need is a team of dreamers, thinkers and creators who are constantly in a lookout for evolving, developing the products and technologies to reach even higher standards. The team is tirelessly striving to raise the standards of quality, innovation, craftsmanship and customer service so that we continue to earn the trust of everyone we work with.

Herr Gärtner.JPG

Jürgen Gärtner

Founder & CEO

Jürgen Gärtner founded RAPTECH Eberswalde GmbH with the shareholders in April 2016 after a successful career in many different companies. His result-oriented and collaborative way of working as well as perseverance have made us what we are today.


Dr. Dimitrij Bieren

Head of Project & Development

Dr. Dimitrij Bieren plays a crucial role in the continued success of RAPTECH Eberswalde GmbH. His exceptional technical skills, timely decisions, passion and zeal have triggered tremendous progress in the development of our technology.


Kerstin Selka

Project Engineer

Kerstin Selka is an important member of our team and has been with RAPTECH Eberswalde GmbH since 2020. She has worked with countless suppliers and assemblers and has rapidly advanced our technology development.

Rohit Surya Narayan.jpeg

Rohit Surya Narayan

Project Engineer

Rohit Surya Narayan has been playing a decisive role in the team who proactively invloves in any task given at hand. As a project engineer at RAPTECH Eberswalde GmbH, his contributions to the development of the company prospects have been valuable.  

Frau Gärtner.JPG

Birgit Gärtner

Project Manager

Birigt Gärtner has contributed immensly in the continued success of  RAPTECH Eberswalde GmbH. Her exceptional interpersonal skills, commitment and creativity have intensively helped to complete our industrial pilot plant of UADA technology.