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RAPTECH Eberswalde GmbH was founded on 04 April 2016 as a startup company by a group of private investors. The aim of the company foundation is to develop the technology of Ultrasonic Acoustic Flow process for use in the industry, improve the sustainability of the use of hydrocarbon-based fuels by dispersion and separation of two - and multi-phase fluids in the petrochemical industry. With support and funding from the Investment Bank of Brandenburg, RAPTECH Eberswalde GmbH was able to successfully commission an industrial Ultrasonic Acoustic Flow system referred to as ('Ultraschall-Akustik-Durchfluss-Aggregat' -UADA) at the company's site in Eberswalde within a development timeframe of four years i.e. 2017 to 2021. Since 2021, the industrial test runs have delivered excellent results in the production of stable dispersions of immiscible fluids. At the same time, the industrial Ultrasonic Acoustic Flow Plant is being prepared for the separation of lithium and other important raw materials from aqueous dispersions. Since the beginning of 2022, RAPTECH Eberswalde GmbH has been supporting various industrial sectors in Germany and abroad to optimize and reduce energy usage in the production area by applying ultrasonic acoustic flow technology, thus contributing to more sustainable industrial production processes. 

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