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The Process

Water is heated to boiling point in a tank, which requires a continuous supply of energy.

The generated steam is used in various applications:

- Drying processes

- Melting and forging processes

- Steam processes

The Problem

Steam generation produces a considerable amount of climate-damaging greenhouse gases, such as CO2. For steam generation, the same amount of energy must be fed into the system as the amount of steam produced. This results in high energy costs.

The Solution

The UADA modules, which are based on the cavitation principle, are exothermic and accordingly increases the media temperature in the steam generation system. The cavitation processes, which can be adjusted in the UADA module, are used to generate gas bubbles, which produce heat when they collapse, causing the medium to boil.

The Advantages

The RAPTECH technology leads to significant savings in the combustion media used and efficiently consumes energy.

Steam Generation

Steam is often used as a heat transfer medium in chemical production. The pipelines are encased in order to keep the pipeline temperature constant by means of steam.

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