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Starch Manufacturing

Starch is a long hydrocarbon polymer.

The Process

Starch is extracted from grain in five process steps:

First, the grain is cleaned with water and sulphur dioxide. In the second step, the water is removed and used for animal feed production. The dry kernels are then ground to dissolve the hulls. Water is introduced once more forming mixture into a slurry, and the previously dissolved hulls are removed by milling and sieving processes. In the last step, gluten and starch are separated.

The Problem

Starch is produced from the natural products like maize and wheat, among others. Due to the drought of recent years, starch yields as well as the product quality are declining.

The Solution

The Ultraschall-Akustik-Durchfluss-Aggregate (UADA) can be used as a separator and supports the starch yield in the bypass of hydrocyclones. A holistic process flow chart is as shown below:

The Advantage

The use of RAPTECH technology instead of centrifuges in starch production leads to improved starch-water contact due to the strong turbulence. This saves water and increases the starch yield.

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