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Production of Corn Germ Meal

Maize germ meal (corn germ meal) is the by-product of oil extraction from maize germs obtained from maize processing. It is a product of moderate to good nutritive value suitable for all classes of livestock with a variable composition.

The Process

In the wet milling process, maize grain is steeped in water and then separated into kernels, from which starch and germs are later extracted. The germs are washed, dried, and extracted first by mechanical extraction and then by solvent (hexane). Maize germ meal is usually mixed with other by-products to create a final feed ingredient. In the wet milling process, spent germs are mixed with maize bran and maize steep liquor to make corn gluten feed.

The Problem

The efficiency with which the starch and germs gets extracted from the kernels highly depends on the contact between the two during the process. The current process requires considerably more quantity of water and energy in order to achieve the best possible outcomes.

The Solution

The employment of UADA module intensifies the process by providing a better contact between the starch and water medium as a result of strong turbulence thereby obtaining a better yield and also help in reducing water utilization.

The Advantages

The use of RAPTECH technology leads to improved starch-water contact due to the strong turbulence. This saves water and increases the starch yield.

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