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Waste Oil Extraction

Waste oil can be divided into three categories: Oily bilge water, waste oil from ships and oil residues.

The Process

Waste oil is pumped out of the ship's tanks using special pumps.

The Problem

Ships are not allowed to discharge more than 15ppm of waste oil into the oceans via the oil-water separator. Waste oils usually remain in the tanks of shipwrecks, causing pollution to the world's oceans and lakes.

The Solution

The Ultraschall-Akustik-Durchfluss-Aggregates (UADA) module can be retrofitted to waste oil storage tanks in ships to homogenize the oil sludges and optimize the rheological properties of the sludges, thus minimizing the generation of oily waste. As a result, the sludges become more flowable and can be pumped out of the ship tanks without any hassle. In the event of an accidental spill on the water, the system is used to separate the media.

The Advantage

By means of RAPTECH technology, oil sludge can be re-homogenized and thus pumped easily. The resulting product can then be incinerated.

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