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Welcome to RAPTECH Eberswalde GmbH

RAPTECH Eberswalde GmbH is an innovative young technology company located in Eberswalde. Cavitation technology is a phenomenon that has been known for decades. Science is occupied with the dream to find a way to control these physical phenomena. Our unique specialization is to make these dreams come true by annexing cavitation technology on an industrial scale in various industries.

Mastering cavitation technology allows us to optimize the most versatile processes such as:

- Blending
- Homogenization 
- Separation Processes 
- Size Reduction
- Exothermic Processes

The physical processes optimized with cavitation technology find their application in various industrial sectors such as:

- Industrial Oil Processing
- Energy Conversion
- Construction Chemistry
- Chemistry
- Food Technology


A detailed description of the realization of the physical processes and their possible applications can be found on our portfolio page. Within the scope of technology development, a pilot plant with the capacity of 100 ltr/min was built by RAPTECH Eberswalde GmbH at the Eberswalde site. The plant is used for the realization of customer-specific solutions.

RAPTECH Eberswalde GmbH offers comprehensive customer-oriented engineering solutions for the conception, realization and implementation of cavitation technology in plant engineering and corresponding projects.

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