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Pipeline Cleaning

Pipelines are considered efficient when a constant flow is ensured by continuous transport and adherence to the internal pipe diameter.

To ensure continuous efficiency. Pipelines must be cleaned regularly. Pipe cleaning can be performed chemically or mechanically. On an industrial scale, mechanical cleaning is the preferred method.

The Process

Mechanical cleaning of pipelines is done with pipeline pigs. Compressed air is used to push the pig in pig starter through the pipeline until it arrives in the pig receiver.

The Problem

Heavy oil tends to form deposits of heavy compounds and settle down on the walls of the pipeline, thus reducing the diameter of the pipeline.

The Solution

With the use of Ultraschall-Akustik-Durchfluss-Aggregates (UADA) module, the paraffin deposits are easily broken down.

The Advantage

RAPTECH technology reduces the formation of deposits of heavy compounds without the addition of chemicals and thus extends the cleaning intervals of the pipeline without affecting the transport process. This ensures improved product quality and efficiency.

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