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Crude Oil Stabilization

In order to improve the rheological properties, to facilitate the transportability of crude oil, various additives must be mixed in or different grades of crude oil must be blended together.

The Process

Crude oil stabilization is achieved by increasing temperature and pressure along with the addition of additives.

The Problem

The transportation of crude oil after extraction is quite complicated because of the insufficient homogeneity and stability of the crude oil. Unprocessed heavy oil requires a high level of energy input and a large amount of additives to ensure transportability.

The Solution

By using the Ultraschall-Akustik-Durchfluss-Aggregat (UADA) module, crude oil can be stabilized and homogenized with more precision and economical addition of additives.

The Advantage

RAPTECH technology leads to a reduction in the use of additives and temperatures for transporting the crude oil. Stabilization and homogenization of the crude oil could increase the distance between the necessary booster stations.

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