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Pilot Plant Eberswalde

RAPTECH Eberswalde GmbH is working on revolutionising combustion in combustion engines by industrialising a patented modular “Ultraschall Akustik Durchfluss Aggregat” (UADA) technology that produces multiple stable dispersions and modifies rheological properties of the medium.  


We believe in the ideology of creating a better tomorrow! This drives us to be a highly passionate group of individuals tirelessly working to create and contribute for a sustainable future. Therefore, we are working on comprehensive array of applications e.g. oil-water dispersions, paraffin- wax depositions, fine to ultrafine wax-water dispersions.  


Pilot Plant

The industrialization of cavitation technology requires persistent research, development and optimization. In this context, an industrial-scale pilot plant was set up and successfully commissioned at the Eberswalde site in May 2021.

The heart of the plant is the Ultraschall-Akustik-Durchfluss-Aggregat (UADA) module. RAPTECH pilot plant is used to conduct research for adaptation to the various fields and their possible applications.

For more than a year, extensive research and development is being carried out by the RAPTECH-Eberswalde GmbH team which includes:

  • Optimization of rheological properties of viscous media to improve process properties (including pour point and viscosity reduction)

  • Production of stable dispersion systems involving various media

  • Increasing the yield coefficient of crude oil in order to minimize the residual oil in refinery processes achieved by fraction shifting of marine fuels

  • Analysis of optimized marine fuels compared to standard fuels

  • Destruction of paraffinic deposits

  • Emission Reduction   


Key advantages of our technology are: ​

  • Modular design 

  • Hassle free maintenance 

  • Transferability


Technical specifications of the RAPTECH pilot plant:

Capacity:                                     100 ltr/min 

Number of tanks:                       3

Storage Capacity of Tanks:      80 m³ each


Technical data of produced Dispersion:

Media:                                    hydrocarbon fuels, deionized water

Viscosity:                               up to 1,200 mm²/s
Water content:                      up to 20%

Dispersion quality:               2-4 µm
Stability:                                 up to 5 years

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