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Educt Stabilization

The stabilization of educts refers to the waste products of polymer production, for example stearin or polystyrene. These polymers are used as an energy source for combustion.

The Process

Liquefied waste polymers with different physical properties are mixed together and placed in storage tanks. This storage leads to an increase in the instability of the mass which eventually gets transferred to the combustion process.

The Problem

Polymers are burnt in an Energy-intensive process. For complete combustion, prior homogenization of the starting materials is necessary, but the delivery of raw materials with different rheological properties makes it complicated. In addition, the raw material must be stabilized before incineration.

The Solution

UADA modules are used to homogenize and stabilize the different raw materials.

The Advantages

The RAPTECH technology is used to homogenize the waste products without destroying the molecules. The quality of the waste suspension is stabilized. This stabilization results in the incineration processes being more energy efficient.

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