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Separator Module

A unit for recycling and separating bilge water, old mixtures, and oils.
The unit finds it's applications best suited in the areas of:

Industrial Oil Processing
Construction Chemistry
Food Technology

The separation equipment and technology developed by RAPTECH Eberswalde GmbH is used to separate a dispersion into the output media using effects of cavitation. The present invention relates to a method and a device for the continuous separation of a mixture of liquids, e.g., Bilge water.

This is processed by means of cavitation technology in the separation module, whereby the mixture is separated into the original media. The water that has not yet been completely segregated is deposited on the wall of the separation module, discharged into a separation tank, and then stored until the two phases of the original media of the mixture separate. The separated media are recycled.

The RAPTECH technology and plant are an optimal solution for the recycling of old mixtures and oils and can serve as a great replacement for classical hydrocyclones. There exists possibility of replacing energy-intensive hydraulic cyclones with more efficient and compact RAPTECH separators.

Unlike classic hydrocyclones, the RAPTECH separator feeds the liquid to be separated from the top rather than tangentially from the side. This serves to optimize the space requirement in the plant configuration and use of the valuable production space. For separation of the mixture in the centrifugal force range, the flow is twisted with the help of a unique vortex plate in the RAPTECH separator. At the same time, the plant requires minimal maintenance and few support personnel.

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