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Mixer Module

A unit to produce oil-water dispersion as an innovative fuel.
The unit finds it's applications best suited in the areas of:

Industrial Oil Processing
Construction Chemistry
Food Technology

Cavitation is the formation and implosive dissolution of vapour bubbles in liquids. The patented RAPTECH Technology is used to produce water-hydrocarbon dispersion by means of cavitation.

The principle of dispersion generation using RAPTECH’s technology is based on the fact that a mixture of at least two different media is forced through special nozzles in UADA( Ultrasonic Acoustic Flow Through) module. The flow velocities thus generated favour the formation of different cavitation regimes. The result is a very fine to ultrafine droplet size dispersion, having longer stability and cost-efficient combustion properties.

With reference to Hydrocarbon-Water dispersion, the type and intensity of cavitation varies the size of the water droplets in the dispersion. In this process, stronger cavitations cause a smaller diameter of the entrapped water droplet. The droplet size, phase distribution and morphology in turn affect the stability of the dispersion. By varying the pressure behind the UADA, the cavitation is adjusted, varied, and controlled. The stability of the dispersion increases as the droplet diameter decreases. The present process allows the preparation of a hydrocarbon-water dispersion with a droplet size of 5 µm.

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