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Water- Starch Dispersion

Oil production is associated with various physical and chemical factors that affect the degree of oil recovery from the final stage.

The Process

To extract recoverable tough oil layers, various types of chemical additives are used, including a water-strength dispersion for more complete extraction of oil residues.

The Problem

The preparation of a water-starch dispersion is related to the physical properties of starch. When starch is added to water, a sharp increase in viscosity occurs, which complicates the homogenization process of the dispersion and also prolongs its time.

The Solution

UADA modules are compact, mobile and efficient solution for dispersing starch in water. With these modules, the starch is dosed into the water stream and decomposed by cavitation at the molecular level, while the cavitation parameters do not destroy the starch molecules.

The Advantage

Raptech technology makes it possible to shorten the production time of the water-starch dispersion through smoother dispersion without a sharp increase in the viscosity of this dispersion.

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