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Emission Reduction

In order to limit global warming to a maximum of two degrees Celsius, all industrialized nations are obliged under the 2016 Paris Climate Agreement to reduce CO2 emissions.

The Process

Greenhouse gases are passed through exhaust gas filtration systems to filter out toxic components such as CO2, SOx and NOx

The Problem

Emissions are regarded as environmentally hazardous because heavy fuel oil is not considered a "green energy source". One of the reasons for this is the increased emissions due to the combustion of crude oil.

The Solution

The modification of fuels upstream of combustion by means of Ultraschall-Akustik-Durchfluss-Aggregat (UADA) technology results in reduction of emissions during combustion.

The Advantage

By processing with RAPTECH technology, fuels can be modified to minimize emission of exhaust gases and soot particles released into the atmosphere during combustion. This in particular, helps in reduction of Nox, Cox and Sox emissions.

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