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Asphalt-Resin-Wax Deposition

A well-known problem in the industrial storage of hydrocarbon materials is the formation of paraffinic deposits in storage tanks.

The Process

The storage tanks are regularly cleaned with hot water under high pressure with addition of cost-intensive additives. This leads to the shutdown of the storage tanks during the cleaning measures.

The Problem

If heavy oil is stored, it tends to deposit heavy compounds. The paraffin-wax deposits mixed with water and additives during cleaning are considered a waste that is difficult or impossible to recycle.

The Solution

The use of Ultraschall-Akustik-Durchfluss-Aggregat (UADA) module ensures regular circulation of the product, homogenizes and increases its stability.

The Advantage

RAPTECH technology reduces the formation of heavy compound deposits without the addition of chemicals, thus extending cleaning intervals for storage tanks without affecting the transport process. This ensures improved product quality.

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