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The Process

The combustion of fuels, such as fuel oil, in a boiler produces heat, which is transferred to the water in the boiler. Through a piping system, the heated water is fed into a buffer tank and in turn to the end user, e.g., a heating system. In the buffer tank, the heat from the boiler water is transferred to the cold water through the recirculation system.

The Problem

There is a worldwide shortage of raw materials for heat generation. Therefore, it is necessary to use the available resources efficiently. Furthermore, the combustion of fossil fuels produces emissions that lead to high environmental pollution.

The Solution

The UADA module can be easily integrated into existing heating systems. By increasing the inlet temperature of the medium and transferring the resulting heat to the buffer tank, additional heat is generated.

The Advantages

The RAPTECH technology as a complementary unit for heat recovery can save energy and fuel, as the process heat generated in the module is returned to the heating circuit. This results in significant cost savings too. Emissions are reduced entirely without the use of fossil fuels which greatly benefits in particular the reduction of NOx, COx and SOx emissions.

Heat Generation

Heat generating plants can be found in every household and are usually heated either with fuel oil or fossil fuels.

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