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Paint Manufacturing

Paint is manufactured consisting of pigment, resin, solvent, and additives involving a series of unit operations using batch processes.

The Process

The manufacturing of paint involves mixing of resin, pigment, and solvent to obtain an even mill base which further goes through a disperser to finely disperse the pigment particles.

Additive and colouring agents are subsequently added to the mill base. Finally, the blended and toned paint is filtered and packed into a container.

The Problem

The raw materials required for the manufacturing process are weighed and premixed. The agglomerated pigment particles must be reduced to the original pigment size, and the particles must be wet with the binder to ensure fine dispersion in the liquid matrix, making it more energy driven process.

The Solution

A process intensified setup which helps in producing an ultrafine dispersed medium that could easily be integrated seamlessly with existing facilities. RAPTECH’s UADA technology serves the exact same requirements efficiently.

The Advantages

The key advantage of utilizing UADA module is reduction in the grinding time that could greatly contribute to energy savings.

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