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Thermo Module

A unit to generate process heat that serves to assist power stations.
The unit finds it's applications best suited in the area:
Energy Conversion

At present, taking into account a sharp rise in prices for fuel and energy resources, development of energy-efficient heating equipment including decentralized heating equipment of buildings and facilities is a relevant scientific problem. Recent research has investigated the use of ultrasonic or hydrodynamic cavitation for chemical reactors, water treatment equipment, and heat generators.

Hydrodynamic cavitation generators are those designed to produce cavitation in moving pressurized liquids, the effect of rapidly accelerating the liquid in a narrow or venturi tube, which reduces the pressure below vapor pressure of the liquid, giving rise to the thin vapor microbubbles, which implode releasing energy as soon as the velocity and pressure of the liquid return to normal at the venturi outlet. A similar or rather better effect is observed in the RAPTECH technology.

The standard heating systems provide heat for industrial applications using buffer tank to compensate the temperature loss. The RAPTECH UADA technology serves as a value addition to the traditional combustion units and its associated costs, also increasing the sustainability.

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