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Homogenizer Module

A unit that improves rheological properties of Hydrocarbons: Crude oil, Polymers, etc.
The unit finds it's applications best suited in the areas of:

Industrial Oil Processing
Construction Chemistry
Food Technology

In the recent decade, hydrodynamic cavitation (HC) emerged as a promising and effective homogenization technique for preparing oil-water emulsions. This technique has presented several advantages: particle size reduction to microscale, long-term kinetic stability, and high energy efficiency. Among the various diverse applications of RAPTECH Technology, UADA(Ultrasonic Acoustic Flow Through) module serves to optimize the rheological properties of the hydrocarbon-containing medium and to break up long-chain compounds in this medium by means of cavitation.

The fine dispersion produced in an UADA module is a result of cavitation not actively introduced but generated due to the different flow regimes. Three velocity ranges of flow are established sequentially in the UADA module: Pre-sonic, Sonic, and Ultrasonic velocities.

The cavitation regime breaks the heavier agglomerates which leads to stabilized crude oil. RAPTECH UADA technology also reduces the consumption of additives. The change in physicochemical effects lead to homogenization and stabilization of the medium, which promotes viscosity reduction.

Cavitation has been suggested as one of the important factors responsible for the homogenization of dairy products. The development has a scope of the technology even being utilised to produce Hydraulic oil, polymers etc. 

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