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Before the actual cracking process, the crude oil must be pre-treated. So called pre-cracking is a crucial process in the catalytic cracking of heavy and low-grade feedstocks.

The Process

Catalytic cracking involves breaking complex hydrocarbon chains into lighter fractions under high temperatures in a distillation column . The aim of this fractionation is to significantly increase the yield of lighter fractions. Various catalysts are used to achieve this end product.

The Problem

The sump products in the distillation column are difficult to process further. The most viscous products can only be burnt, so it is advantageous to increase the yield of light fractions in order to reduce the yield of sump products at the same time.

The Solution

The Ultraschall-Akustik-Durchfluss-Aggregat (UADA) technology is used upstream of the distillation column to optimise the rheological properties of the crude oil. The schematic is as seen below:

The Advantage

The use of RAPTECH technology in the pre-cracking process optimises the feedstock before processing, improves the quality of the bottom products from the distillation column and thus leads to increased efficiency of the entire cracking process.

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