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Oil-Water Dispersion

Oil-water dispersions have a wide variety of industrial applications. They are used in various industrial areas such as food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

The Process

The two immiscible liquids oil and water are mixed in mixers and then homogenised in a colloid mill.

The Problem

Ensuring stability without phase separation between oil and water over a long period of time is the biggest challenge of the process.

The Solution

Different degrees of dispersion can be achieved with the Ultraschall-Akustik-Durchfluss-Aggregate (UADA) technology. Due to the ultra-fine dispersion of the water droplets in oil with particle sizes down to 25 µm, stability for years can be guaranteed without the need of any additional mixer.

RAPTECH's cavitation technology involves the following steps shown in the process flow chart below:

The Advantage

With the RAPTECH technology, stable and fine dispersions can be produced without the use of additives. At the Eberswalde site, an industrial-scale pilot plant with a capacity of 6m³/h is set up, with which stable water-fuel dispersions having water content of up to 15% can be produced.

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